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1 min readSep 30, 2022


Open Call for CryptoConquer Beta Testers!

Crypto Conquer will recruit first testers for the Closed Beta Service. There will be SPECIAL BENEFITS for our first Beta Testers, including $CCQ token and $NFT airdrop!

Beta Test Information

  1. The beta test will start on October 20th, available on mobile and PC.
  2. The test version will use centralized game currency and Hero characters, which will be deployed on Solana blockchain once the official version is launched.
  3. Please note all currencies and heroes will be deleted from the server once the beta is closed.


  1. All beta testers with minimum playtime will be whitelisted for our future NFT sale.
  2. Top rankers at the end of the beta test will receive one free Hero NFT Box.
  3. Users who submit valuable feedback will also be rewarded with $CCQ.
  4. All participants are eligible for earning $CCQ via daily mission throughout the testing period. However, the reward amount is not fixed.

Application Due: ~ October 17th Monday 2022

Application Forms :


JP :

CCQ Discord:

Beta Testers Announcement: CCQ DC (Game Announcements Channel)



Crypto Conquer

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