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2 min readMar 22, 2022

In this article, let’s dive into some details about ‘Hero NFTs’ in our Crypto Conquer game.

What are Hero NFTs?

The Heroes are the leaders who will assist your empire achieve your goal. Each hero has different boosts, abilities and unique skills where you can choose based on how you want to rule your empire . As different heroes have different skill sets, it’s difficult to conclude which heroes are the best.

Hero NFTs Attributes

In Crypto Conquer, there are 30 Hero characters. Each heros have different sets of available skills and abilities. Depending on your NFT’s Class, ranging from 1 to 5, the NFT can have more skills. The higher class NFT will not only allow more variety of skill sets but also each skill or ability’s attributes will be stronger.

Hero NFT Skills

As mentioned earlier, there are different skills available for different Heroes. The skills include but are not limited to:

  • increased speed of military force production
  • increased maximum capacity of energy
  • ability to generate $CCQ to harvest
  • increased defense power of the planet

How to get Hero NFTs?

You can get Hero NFTs from the below methods:

  1. NFT Marketplace
  • You can purchase NFTs from other players with $CCQ at our marketplace. The NFTs will be available at the 3rd party NFT marketplace in the future.

2. In-game shop

  • You can purchase a NFT random card at the in-game shop with an in-game resource $DF (Dark Force). The card will randomly generate a Hero NFT ranging from class 1 to 3.

3. Use Heroes Gene Synthesis Technology

  • Bring your two very own Heroes to our Gene Synthesis Lab! Depending on the heroes you have, the new hero will be produced. The cost may be high, but higher the risk, higher the return!
  • The Gene Synthesis Technology will be the most reliable source to acquire upper class (Class 4 and 5) NFTs in Crypto Conquer.

4. In-game accomplishment

  • Clear a weekly mission, battle pass mission and you may receive a NFT random card.
  • Occasionally, a pirate planet will appear nearby you! The pirate may have an NFT random card, so don’t miss that chance!

5. Rental System

  • Don’t have enough resources to purchase NFT? Don’t worry. You can borrow NFT from other players at a more reasonable price. We will have a matching center for you to meet the potential lender.

6. Hero NFT Pre-sale

  • We will start with selling 1,000 Hero NFTs in Q2 2022. More details of this sale will be available soon! For a certain amount of time, the 1,000 NFTs will be the only available NFTs. So if you are interested to be an early joiner, make sure to participate in our pre-sale!

Please stay tuned for more details about Hero NFTs and their pre-sale information!



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