Crypto Conquer Tutorial Part.3

Crypto Conquer
2 min readNov 11, 2022

#Part 3 How to Earn $CCQ — Looting Other Planets

By this time, you’ve probably received 5 fighters and 5 probes as quest rewards. But they are too small to loot resources from other planets. So, you need a “Freighter”, a cargo ship.

Once you reach level 5 Crystal Mines, go to the “Production structure” tab of “Construction Page” and build “Parts Plant” up to level 2, and build “Shipyard

Once “Shipyard” is ready, go to the “Parts Production” tab on the “Production Page” and produce “Hyper Engine” and the “Cargo Bay” as many as possible.

If you have a good amount of both parts, move to the second tab “Vessel Construction” and produce “Freighter

Now that the “Freighters” are ready, let’s loot more resources! Each “Freighter” can transport 600 resources. The Daily Pillage Amount Quest asks to loot over 100,000 resources. You will need 166+ “Freighters” to reach this amount in one action. However, you will need more Freighters in the future, so do not stop producing the vessel.

If you came this far, now you should be familiar with the Crypto Conquer game! Well done! Try to follow Quest lists to grow your empire, and we will come back with more tutorials.

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