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2 min readNov 11, 2022

#Part 2 Attacking Other Planets to Complete Looting & Pillage Count Quests

Now let’s try to earn $CCQ with daily Quests!

You will need vessels to attack other planets. Don’t have vessels yet? Don’t worry :)

At the bottom of the screen, you will see the “Quest” button. You will see some of the quests are already completed, so claim your rewards. If you have built a “Space Control”, you will receive 5 Fighters.

Use these 5 Fighters to loot nearby abandoned planets. To loot other planets, click the target planet and click the “Attack.”

The transport volume (pillage amount) of the fighter is very small, so it is difficult to acquire resources from this, but you can try to get rewards for looting-related quests by looting with fighters.

Sending 1 Fighter to different nearby empty planets is recommended, as you can receive $CCQ as a daily quest. (If you attack abandoned planets 5 times, you can earn 0.4 $CCQ)

In addition, If your total number of successful attacks reaches 1/10/20/50 times, you will receive bigger in-game rewards too.

If you want to perform multiple attacks at the same time, you need to upgrade the Space Control.


Click the “Quest” button and you will see the “Scenario” tab. According to your game progress, you will be able to complete each scenario chapter and earn rewards.
If you click “Galaxy Exploration”, you will be asked to complete “Planet Interior explore.” You can complete this quest if you go to the “Exploration” menu of your planet. Once completed, you will receive 5 Probes.
Other Scenario Quests give useful rewards, so don’t forget to check them regularly.

You can earn in-game rewards easily with the “Planet Interior Exploration” without consuming resources. However, the rewards stop once your planet reaches 1,000 points.

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