Crypto Conquer Tutorial Part.1

Crypto Conquer
2 min readNov 11, 2022

We decided to write this tutorial series to help our community to join and enjoy our game more easily, and also earn $CCQ with daily quests!

Crypto Conquer Interface

Part #1 Building some essential constructions.

Once started, you will see your planet in the center. Click your planet, click “Construction”, and upgrade your “Construction Control” and “Trade Centre.”

Construction Page

With “Construction Control” you can add more construction orders to the queue.
With “Trade Centre”, you can produce more “Credit” an important resource at the beginning.

When your “Construction Control” reaches level 3, build “Space Control” up to level 2.

With the “Space Control” upgrade, you can give more fleet (attack) orders

Go back to “Construction” and click the “Resource Structure” tab.

Build “Crystal Mines” and “Gas Extractory” and upgrade “Crystal Storage” and “Gas Storage.”

After that, continue to upgrade the above-mentioned buildings. Recommended levels are as below:

  • Construction Control: Level 4 +
  • Crystal Mines and Gas Extractory: Level 5+

While upgrading resource Structures, make the “Trade Center” level 5+.

Upgrading “Construction Control” is the top priority.


After adding multiple constructions to the queue, use the shortcut item to save time! If your total construction time is over 10 minutes, use the “10-minute” item. It is a useful item, especially at the early stage.

For example, if you have 4 buildings (each takes 2 minutes) and 1 building (takes 3 minutes) on your queue, the total time required is 11 minutes. If you use one “10-minute shortened item”, 4 buildings will be completed immediately, and the last building will have 1 minute left.

If you have more questions, please feel free to join our Discord.



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